About Vivek Arora

Hello! I am a Security Researcher.

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Vivek has 13+ years¬†of professional working experience with multinational companies (Microsoft, Computer Associates, Flextronics, and Convergys) in various profiles; growing rapidly and learning various technical and leadership skills. He started his career with support and system administration in companies like Convergys, CA and Flextronics. Then he spent a major part (Sept. 2008 to Sept. 2018) of his professional career with Microsoft, India Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore. There, he helped to solve many critically escalated technical issues, found and reported several bugs with network stack and other Core Operating System components with his Awesome ūüôā Networking, Debugging and Reverse Engineering skills. He vastly contributed with network stack related analysis and corporate training for Windows Internals, User and Kernel-mode debugging to developer teams, mostly in Symantec and Samsung. He transitioned from industry to academia in 2019 and currently¬†doing his¬†Ph.D. in Software Security¬†from the¬†Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

Vivek is fueled by his passion for making software more secure and creating awareness in society for software security. His passion for software security leads him to start with full-time research as a Ph.D. Researcher in TUDelft. He is eager to build his academic foundation in Software Security and stay updated with the latest advances in Software Engineering. He is also a DIY hobbyist of electronics and human-computer interaction projects. He follows the mantra for internal well-being and external success which is ‘Total Involvement’ in whatever comes along, or he chooses to do.

He is mostly spending his time doing full-time research on Software Security but always interested in short term challenges and training deliveries. Reach out to v2vivar@gmail.com to connect!